"God places the lonely in families..."
Psalm 68:6

Sometimes families are born into existence. Sometimes, they’re made by choice.

Calling all who want more family! Moving countries can mean goodbye to Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles – leaving a gaping void. So God brings us together, Americans and immigrants, and unites as part of cross-cultural families. Families, sure, that aren’t related – but families that are bigger and better than we ever could have imagined. “Z-68 Families” takes its name from the word “Zabur,” the Book of Prophet David that is called in English “Psalms.” Chapter 68 verse 6 says “God places the lonely in families,” and He just might use us to do it! In Z-68 Families, we will help you find your “long-lost” global (and unrelated – but who’s counting?!) aunt, uncle, sister, brother, daughter, son, grandchildren – the opportunities are endless. Wherever you fall in the equation, we have family waiting to be your  family. Adopt each other! Make friends. Become family. Just choose the right button below!